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Bringing the magic out of you.....

For shoppers who would like your child to have fun while you shop, we have the Starz Garden , which is based on a garden concept. There is a play structure filled with a pool of balls for your child to enjoy. To stimulate your child's left and right brain, we have learning laptops for them to explore on language, maths, music and other activities. As another form of stimulation to the creativity of your child, there are also building blocks available for them to immerse in. If your child would like to relax a little, we have a chill-out room, with cartoons or children's music videos being played at all times.

Grooming Course
The posture of confidence
Character Building and Public Speaking Course
The solid character to become true pillars of the community
Holiday Course
5 days holiday development program
Smart Money Kids Course
Personal money skill education to create good life values and money habits
Birthday Parties
An unforgettable birthday experience